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The Cry! and The Connection split 7"

The Cry! and The Connection split 7"


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Mooster Records has teamed up with S-P Records in Japan to bring you The Cry and The Connection who bring two sides of rock n roll to this rockin' wax split! The Cry! from Portland Oregon bring you two smoldering tracks on their side starting off with the lamentful "Discotheque" and capping it off with a blistering rendition of The Boys' "T.C.P"! Might we have another "Alternative Chartbuster" on our hands? On the flip side are the kinds of songs that paved the way for the rock n roll that we love today. The Connection from Portsmouth, NH has a sound that takes all influences of rock n roll and swirls them around into a dance party that sounds like the Beatles, Ramones and Chesterfield Kings got together for a Sunday gig at CBGB's. The first track a cover of garage rock forefather's The Myddle Class' "Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long" shows you what we are working with right out of the gate. The second track is one of my personal favorite tracks called "She's Gonna Leave You" and already has reached a very wide audience with plays on "Little Steven's Underground Garage". Alot of rock n roll from both ends of the spectrum on one of the best 7"s that Mooster has released!

Special U.S. only white vinyl and Japan only red vinyl!

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